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A jovial, white man with a closely-cropped mustache wearing a red, high-collared sports coat, he does not make eye contact with the audience and shies away from questions when he is speaking. He called his debut feature, "Maybe I'm There, maybe I'm Not," a "literary thriller" and in a separate interview stated "I've been a student of great filmmakers all my life. The work of my idols is my life work". Terry, a graduate of the University of Houston, moved to L.A. in the 1990s and found a job at the department store Macy's where he would sell shoes to customers. "I was a salesman and I was really good at it and I was extremely comfortable in the shoes I was selling. I made about $15, $16 an hour. I could have made more but there were only three or four stores. It was pretty demeaning. I was only there for a year or so," he said. He left that job and focused on working with director Garry Marshall. Richardson was a contributing producer on the hit television show "Happy Days". Richardson said his experiences with Garry Marshall taught him how to write better. "I had a lot of experience with him. I was going to go to film school. I was never a director, but I had a lot of directing experience," he said. Richardson spent four years working with Garry Marshall. He became a driving force in promoting Marshall's directorial career and he was eventually made a producer on Marshall's feature film, "Beach Blanket Bingo". Richardson said he was working at a local burger shop in Utah when Garry Marshall was in the restaurant trying to get the entire staff to work on the set of "Beach Blanket Bingo". "I started to realize how much I enjoyed working with actors and how much I loved being on a set. I realized that was what I wanted to do. I became a production assistant and then I became the PA on Garry's film. I learned every job on the set. I was on set every day," he said. In 1983, Richardson met director Martin Scorsese and after Scorsese's role in "The Last Temptation of Christ" (he served as the cinematographer) Richardson got a call from producer Joel Silver who wanted to hire him to be second unit director on Scorsese's next film



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